Monday Planning

Yup, it’s Monday. Most of the world is waking up for their weekend relaxations and preparing for another week of work, but not this family. Since my husband and the two of four children that still live at home, a ‘Normal’ 9-5 M-F job is not in their weeks. Me, however, I am a well, what do I call myself? I’m not a S.A.H.M. any longer, so I’ll call myself a S.A.H.K. [Stay@Hm Krafter].


Our family doesn’t get to schedule weekends with other family members, RSVP to those parties that are on those normal weekends, etc. With my husband working every day of the week ‘cept Thursday, my son working Tu-Sa, and my daughter working all the time, we don’t always get to see each other, let alone plan. All that being said, is why I don’t really know what a Monday is any longer so I have to “Plan”. < – There’s that word, Plan.

I started using a basic planner in high school. It wasn’t much, simple calendar to keep track of those tests, quizzes, papers due, etc. I stopped planning after graduation only to find myself needing to plan again once my four children were born and interested in school and extracurricular activities. For years I had to make sure my planner was handy and used it for tracking their school events, projects due, sports practices and then again, once they were all graduated, I stopped planning.


That was my first mistake. It was like I stopped planning my own life. Just because I was no longer tracking my children, didn’t mean I should stop tracking other things. My husband [Ed] and I have always had goals and dreams that we wanted to fulfill once the children were older. We didn’t keep track [plan] to do anything and those goals and dreams faded away.

Today, I’m back to planning. We both still have our goals and dreams, of course not all are about traveling, cruises, and the fun stuff, we still need to track things we both want to accomplish around the house, if we don’t plan, it won’t be done.

Planning styles are different for everyone, I want to show you a few that have set me on my path to organizing again. I will do this in different sections of posts so the post isn’t long [too late right?]

First off, you need to find a good planner, one that you feel comfortable with. There are a variety out there, ringed binders, spiral bound, travel notes and disc bound.

Once you’ve shopped and decided which system you wish to use, you move onto what do you need it your planner and why.

I leave you today with this, planning is an important part of our life, whether we realize it or not.

Happy Planning!



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