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Week 10 in 2015

I know most bloggers post during the week and save the weekend for family time. I will be posting on Saturdays with a review of the full week. It’s really the only time I will be able to blog. One thing I have learned to do is write a few things here and there that I wish to share and save it as a draft so I can add more in during the week, then I can set it to auto-post on Saturdays so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to post. Works wonders! If I don’t have time to write a post and save it, I do use a Blog Planner that I found, but we’ll get into those fun pages in another week.

This week, an item I ordered came in. Can you say Happy Mail!!! I know, something silly to get excited about but I am a planner / paper addict. This is a cute little Women’s Wallet I ordered off EBay. It was only a $1.11 with no shipping. I wanted a place to store all my store discount cards because I don’t always like to place them all in my regular wallet. This way, I can put them in here and throw it in my purse and have them when the need arises. [and it reminds me of a small little planner 😉 ] Clicking on the picture will take you to this item.


Earlier this week, we were a bit covered in white powder as it snowed in Texas. It didn’t last long but that snow really slows everything down here. Later in the week, we were again covered in white but not powder this time, it was a mix of snow and sleet, so not fun to drive on! It sure does make for some pretty pictures though 🙂



I had said earlier, in a few posts back, that I would let you see my planner and the pages I decided to use. I use the ARC system available from Staples. I’ve used Franklin Covey, DayTimers, FiloFax and I decided that the ARC is just better for me. Once you find which system works for you, then you can go into filling the guts of your planner.

The pages I found are from, I’m using her Pretty Pretty Planner System. Similar to Erin Condren Life Planners & Paper Plum but best of all hers are FREE! and who doesn’t love free? 😉



I hope you enjoyed the small bit of goodies this week and I’ll chat with you in Week 11 🙂 Have a great weekend and “Don’t Forget to set your Clocks Forward!”




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