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Busy Kreating

So this past week was a bit uneventful, it rained most of the week, which I am very thankful for. We need all the rain we can get here in Texas. My Grandkids were here this weekend and we had loads of fun, especially with confetti eggs. I know, most people wait until Easter to place these in the baskets but they love them so much, I let them play anyway. And… I’m Nana and I can get away with it 🙂 They got it EVERYWHERE but know what, they had a blast and I had a vacuum cleaner!


While those two cuties played together, I was busy creating new planning pages for Live.Learn.Kreate on Etsy. I had so many other ideas I wanted to kreate, but with the grand cuties here, I had to limit myself and just write down my ideas for later kreating.




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