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Groundhogs Journal Cards

Groundhog’s Day Journal Card Freebie. With Groundhog just being two days away, I found these journal cards I created a few years ago and thought I’d post again as a freebie for all you Project Lifer’s out there. Will he see his shadow?



Make sure you are able to unzip the ZIP extension. You can download the .ZIP file {Here}



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Groundhog’s Day

Well, Groundhog’s Day is just around the corner, Thursday, February 2nd to be exact. I decided to kreate a planner printable just for that cute furry fellow. I wanted to pace myself in creating printables for you so you would know when to expect a new one coming out but I just couldn’t hang on to these as I was already in decorating mode in my own planner.

I hope you enjoy this cute guy as much as I do. Let’s hope he doesn’t see his shadow!


Available for download @ Live.Learn.Kreate



Graphics used per TOS from: TeachersPayTeachers

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Color Palettes

Sometimes, there are ideas that I have and I am not sure how to get them out on paper so I sit, drawing and trying to see which looks best. Then I get another idea on how I want to go about creating it. These new stickers are no exception. I’ve mulled it over for some time now and have come up with what makes me happy while I’m planning and I hope you will find them helpful as well.

One problem I always face is a color scheme. I’m horrible at matching up colors that catch the eye. I started browsing Pinterest and decided I should use Color Palettes and see if that would be helpful. It’s what I used when creating Journal Cards for Project Life, why not use them for creating a color scheme on my stickers.

The scheme I used for the Reminder Lists came from this palette. My favorite color is green and I’ve recently starting liking the coral color along with green.


The first is a set of planner icon stickers to mark those days to remember to sit down and Plan It! I’ve come across a wide variety of stickers to remind to plan but they weren’t for me. I created something simple and small so as to not take up too much space for making those ‘ToDo’ Lists.


The next set of printables are now available on Etsy and were created to fit both Classic & Large Happy Planners. The color palette listed above is what I used to create these particular lists.


Like all stickers created, these work best if printed on sticker sheets. You can also print them on 24lb paper and use double-sided tape to attach to your planners. If you are very crafty and own a cutting machine, they can also be print/cut on Silhouette or Cricut.

Printables are available for purchase @ Live.Learn.Kreate.



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Kreativity Overload

When you have so many ideas in your head and your kreativity is just yelling to get out, it’s not always easy to get them on paper quickly. I did, however, come up with one of the ideas in my head. I have a very large family, my immediate family has 12 but the extended family has quite a few. To keep track, I created my own ‘birthday’ stickers to mark the dates; trust me, that’s a lot of birthdays! There are many birthday stickers available for planners so these are nothing new to the planning community, I do love a variety though so I offer these freebies to you for your enjoyment.


I hope you find these as useful as I do on a monthly basis. These were created with measurements for the Large Happy Planner, you can resize them to fit the Classic.

Download the JPG file: here

Download the PDF file: here


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Blog Lovin’

Learning this whole Bloglovin’ website. Wandered across it today and it was pretty neat. I’ve passed by it before but just haven’t actually stopped in to browse, figured today was a good day to start. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ve been watching a lot of my various TV shows off the DVR, no I don’t always watch them as soon as they come on. I decided to keep track of them but didn’t see any good Television planner stickers that were my style, so I created a few of my own. These are sized for my LARGE Happy Planner by M.A.M.B.I. I’ve also added a planner goody in my ETSY Shop. This will download in an easy .PDF format for easy printing. For those of you who love to binge watch your favorite shows, these are for you.


Clicking HERE will take you there. Have a wonderful day and “Happy Planning”!


Television Vector from Clipartkid.


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I am a planner addict. I admit it. Wait!? If I admit it, does that actually make me an addict? I do though, I love planners and all that are a part of them. I love to write, create, imagine and can’t help myself. I’m one of those that will pass the Dollar Spot @ Target telling myself, Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It, and yet, I walk out with all kinds of planner stickers, post it notes and what not. I have a closet full that I don’t even use. I just can’t help myself. My imagination goes crazy when I think of everything I can do. It’s not just Target either, if Michaels or Hobby Lobby are having a sale on planner items, you can be sure, I’ll hit at least 2 of each store just to find what inspires me.

Enough about my planner habit though. I’ve decided to change up my habit a bit and start creating my own stickers. Now, I’ll still buy from all those great ETSY shops who sell their wonderful planner treasures because lets face it, there are just some out there that are so darned cute and perfect for planners. I’ve owned my Silhouette for a couple years now, along with the knowledge of PSP and PS so they are finally being put to use.

We all hate to #ADULT sometimes, I know I do. There are just those days when nothing gets completed around the house or even work, #FAILED. Then there are days you are just on a roll and completing everything possible and accomplish so much, #SUCCESS! So I created Adulting Stickers for you all to enjoy. [I’ve already put them to good use in my planners]. FEELING: Accomplished!


You can download the PDF by clicking: HERE. #ENJOY!