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Drink Up! Water Freebie

Wow, guess I haven’t been around lately as you can see. I’ve been very busy but have a bit of time on my hands now and thought I’d create a planner printable for you all. My “New Years Resolution” was to not make any resolutions so that I wouldn’t break any of them. One thing I’m making myself learn to get in a better habit of, is drink water. I create this Water Planner Printable just for that purpose.

I’ve used a planner since I was in high school [many moons ago] and have always loved keeping track of my life. I’ve become a hoarder of sort and own a variety of planners, from Happy Planners to the original FiloFax and Franklin Covey’s.

This printable is made for the LARGE Happy Planner by M.A.M.B.I.  I hope you enjoy.


Download the LHP Printable Here: Water Planner Printable

Thanks for stopping by, it’s appreciated. Hopefully I won’t be gone as long this time. I plan to work on more planner printables.



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