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Drink Up! Water Freebie

Wow, guess I haven’t been around lately as you can see. I’ve been very busy but have a bit of time on my hands now and thought I’d create a planner printable for you all. My “New Years Resolution” was to not make any resolutions so that I wouldn’t break any of them. One thing I’m making myself learn to get in a better habit of, is drink water. I create this Water Planner Printable just for that purpose.

I’ve used a planner since I was in high school [many moons ago] and have always loved keeping track of my life. I’ve become a hoarder of sort and own a variety of planners, from Happy Planners to the original FiloFax and Franklin Covey’s.

This printable is made for the LARGE Happy Planner by M.A.M.B.I.  I hope you enjoy.


Download the LHP Printable Here: Water Planner Printable

Thanks for stopping by, it’s appreciated. Hopefully I won’t be gone as long this time. I plan to work on more planner printables.



3 thoughts on “Drink Up! Water Freebie

  1. I tried to take advantage of this fantastic freebie, but I got 404’ed. Is this private or have you removed this?


    1. I’ve corrected the link, it should work now. Please let me know if it doesn’t and thank you for bringing it to my attention. Have a wonderful day!


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