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I am a planner addict. I admit it. Wait!? If I admit it, does that actually make me an addict? I do though, I love planners and all that are a part of them. I love to write, create, imagine and can’t help myself. I’m one of those that will pass the Dollar Spot @ Target telling myself, Don’t Buy It, You Don’t Need It, and yet, I walk out with all kinds of planner stickers, post it notes and what not. I have a closet full that I don’t even use. I just can’t help myself. My imagination goes crazy when I think of everything I can do. It’s not just Target either, if Michaels or Hobby Lobby are having a sale on planner items, you can be sure, I’ll hit at least 2 of each store just to find what inspires me.

Enough about my planner habit though. I’ve decided to change up my habit a bit and start creating my own stickers. Now, I’ll still buy from all those great ETSY shops who sell their wonderful planner treasures because lets face it, there are just some out there that are so darned cute and perfect for planners. I’ve owned my Silhouette for a couple years now, along with the knowledge of PSP and PS so they are finally being put to use.

We all hate to #ADULT sometimes, I know I do. There are just those days when nothing gets completed around the house or even work, #FAILED. Then there are days you are just on a roll and completing everything possible and accomplish so much, #SUCCESS! So I created Adulting Stickers for you all to enjoy. [I’ve already put them to good use in my planners]. FEELING: Accomplished!


You can download the PDF by clicking: HERE. #ENJOY!



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