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Learning this whole Bloglovin’ website. Wandered across it today and it was pretty neat. I’ve passed by it before but just haven’t actually stopped in to browse, figured today was a good day to start. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ve been watching a lot of my various TV shows off the DVR, no I don’t always watch them as soon as they come on. I decided to keep track of them but didn’t see any good Television planner stickers that were my style, so I created a few of my own. These are sized for my LARGE Happy Planner by M.A.M.B.I. I’ve also added a planner goody in my ETSY Shop. This will download in an easy .PDF format for easy printing. For those of you who love to binge watch your favorite shows, these are for you.


Clicking HERE will take you there. Have a wonderful day and “Happy Planning”!


Television Vector from Clipartkid.



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