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Kreativity Overload

When you have so many ideas in your head and your kreativity is just yelling to get out, it’s not always easy to get them on paper quickly. I did, however, come up with one of the ideas in my head. I have a very large family, my immediate family has 12 but the extended family has quite a few. To keep track, I created my own ‘birthday’ stickers to mark the dates; trust me, that’s a lot of birthdays! There are many birthday stickers available for planners so these are nothing new to the planning community, I do love a variety though so I offer these freebies to you for your enjoyment.


I hope you find these as useful as I do on a monthly basis. These were created with measurements for the Large Happy Planner, you can resize them to fit the Classic.

Download the JPG file: here

Download the PDF file: here



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