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Sometimes, there are ideas that I have and I am not sure how to get them out on paper so I sit, drawing and trying to see which looks best. Then I get another idea on how I want to go about creating it. These new stickers are no exception. I’ve mulled it over for some time now and have come up with what makes me happy while I’m planning and I hope you will find them helpful as well.

One problem I always face is a color scheme. I’m horrible at matching up colors that catch the eye. I started browsing Pinterest and decided I should use Color Palettes and see if that would be helpful. It’s what I used when creating Journal Cards for Project Life, why not use them for creating a color scheme on my stickers.

The scheme I used for the Reminder Lists came from this palette. My favorite color is green and I’ve recently starting liking the coral color along with green.


The first is a set of planner icon stickers to mark those days to remember to sit down and Plan It! I’ve come across a wide variety of stickers to remind to plan but they weren’t for me. I created something simple and small so as to not take up too much space for making those ‘ToDo’ Lists.


The next set of printables are now available on Etsy and were created to fit both Classic & Large Happy Planners. The color palette listed above is what I used to create these particular lists.


Like all stickers created, these work best if printed on sticker sheets. You can also print them on 24lb paper and use double-sided tape to attach to your planners. If you are very crafty and own a cutting machine, they can also be print/cut on Silhouette or Cricut.

Printables are available for purchase @ Live.Learn.Kreate.




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