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Another Week Conquered

Happy Friday everyone, I hope your week went well, and if it didn’t, well it’s Friday, make it a great weekend. I haven’t been creating much this week, been busy brainstorming and then it hit me yesterday. I created all day but for now, I’m only going to post a few.

Well, it’s the WEEKEND and with that being said, why not mark those calendars with a cute Weekend banner.


I really needed to wash the truck and I usually just ‘write’ in my everyday planner what specific chores I’ve completed. Well I started thinking, why not make a sticker for that. I have the ability and know-how to make it, so I did.


Both of these cute reminders are available over in my ETSY shop.

And for your Friday Freebie. Well, not only do I Craft, I also WARCRAFT and needed a way to mark those time frames as well. I did a bit of searching and was going to purchase a page or two of World of Warcraft stickers and couldn’t find them anywhere. So I created my own generic stickers. Keep watch though, with the lack of WoW stickers available, I’ll soon be creating “Class” stickers as well. For now, here’s your Friday Freebie.


Download the PDF file Here

As always, Enjoy!



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