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Happy Memory Planning

So I’m sure most of you Planner Addicts have heard about the new “MAMBI” Create 365 Happy Memory Keepers. I love these!! I have already bought one and will probably go back and buy another. I have scrapbooked for years and in various styles. I’ve scrapped the traditional way, I’ve scrapped with Project Life [which I love as well but didn’t seem to have the time I wanted to put into it] and now Happy Memory Planning.

When MAMBI first came out with their Happy Planners [Classic], I was excited because it was a bit bigger than an A5 traditional style and I had more room to record things I love. Then, they came out with the Big Happy Planner. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use this BIG planner since I already used a Classic for everyday appointments and whatnots. So I decided I would use it as a scrapbook/journal.

I’ve been scrapbooking in my BIG Happy Planner for almost 1 1/2 years now. [Since they were first released]. I still love doing this.

Now Create 365 by MAMBI has come out with their new line of Memory Keeping…

You have so many styles to choose from, buy an individual keeper or the kit. They are undated and have some wonderful pages and new inserts to help keep your precious memories.

I love that they are undated, so whether I own one or five, I can keep going and save memories for my kids and grand kids to read back on in years to come.

Go get one! 🙂





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