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My Top 10 Planner Pages

We all love our planners and are always looking for practical and decorative ways to keep up with our planners. I wanted to share a few of my favorite sites. Some are freebie sites and some are paid sites but all have the greatest assortment of planner printables for you. I love to create my own planner printables but when I get in one of my lazy moods, these are my Top 10 sites I visit regularly.

  1. Planner Addiction – This site has so very many free printables, not only stickers but pages, covers & much more. Her printables fit Happy Planners and Erin Condrin planners.
  2. My Planner Envy – You really need to visit her page. Not only does she offer sets but she has a vast assortment of functional stickers which I love to use in my planning.
  3. Victoria Thatcher – If you haven’t found her page, she’s a must see. HP & EC printables of all assortments.
  4. Organized Potato – has some cute weekly spread printables. I’m partial to her Fall printables [I love fall!] She has free printables and a shop where she sells accessories, just click on her shop link.
  5. My Life Planners – [Facebook] This link is her Facebook Group, join for a “Ginormous” assortment of planner page printables, all free!
  6. My Life Planners – [Etsy] This is her Etsy shop, she has a few ‘hundered’ planner printables listed here as well.
  7. My Planner Life – Now she has an assortment of planner printables that make your head spin. The colors are fantastic and just makes you happy knowing how pretty your planner will be when you apply your stickers.
  8. Fit Life Creative – These printables are clean up and yet still decorative. She has free printables as well as some you can purchase from her shop. All available on the same website.
  9. Sticker Cuteness – This site offers, stickers, washi and full kits!
  10. JS Digital Paper – This link takes you to her planner printables page but don’t forget to click on her “Shop” icon for other wonderful printables aside from planning. This is another of my “FAVS”. Right now she has her kits 1/2 off!
  • PaperdelSol – I’m throwing in one final link for good measures 🙂 This site is a greate site for planner inserts. I purchased a few of her inserts to create a planner for my son! I don’t regret it at all. She has such a wide selection. This is a definate shop to visit.


Below are images from each of the shops.


There are so many ways to find great printables, your best source is Pinterest or Google Searches. You can find free printables everywhere, not just the sites I listed above. There are a wonderful selection of “SHOPS” that sell planner printables as well, please don’t overlook the shops. They work hard to create colorful and functional stickers for you to enjoy. Let’s pay them for their long ours and effort in creating for us.

Hope you find something you may like and decorate away.

Here’s a freebie I just created, I was looking for a specific Bill Pay printable and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I created one of my own 🙂

Pay Bill Side Flags - Preview

Download Here




Happy Memory Planning

So I’m sure most of you Planner Addicts have heard about the new “MAMBI” Create 365 Happy Memory Keepers. I love these!! I have already bought one and will probably go back and buy another. I have scrapbooked for years and in various styles. I’ve scrapped the traditional way, I’ve scrapped with Project Life [which I love as well but didn’t seem to have the time I wanted to put into it] and now Happy Memory Planning.

When MAMBI first came out with their Happy Planners [Classic], I was excited because it was a bit bigger than an A5 traditional style and I had more room to record things I love. Then, they came out with the Big Happy Planner. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use this BIG planner since I already used a Classic for everyday appointments and whatnots. So I decided I would use it as a scrapbook/journal.

I’ve been scrapbooking in my BIG Happy Planner for almost 1 1/2 years now. [Since they were first released]. I still love doing this.

Now Create 365 by MAMBI has come out with their new line of Memory Keeping…

You have so many styles to choose from, buy an individual keeper or the kit. They are undated and have some wonderful pages and new inserts to help keep your precious memories.

I love that they are undated, so whether I own one or five, I can keep going and save memories for my kids and grand kids to read back on in years to come.

Go get one! 🙂





Guy Planning

My son wanted a planner similar to a Happy Planner, but MAMBI doesn’t make a planner fit for a guy. So I took all the things he likes, found some free printables and graphics and set out to create one he would that suits him.

It’s came out great.

He loves Punisher and World of Warcraft. I know most won’t like the inner page but it’s an original, and belongs to him. He’s not a child, mind you, he is a young man of 30.

I did every other month with his favorite back and whites. Each tab is also in gray scale. I love it.

My kids tell me to come up with my own to sell in my Etsy store. I just don’t know if I have it in me to do so. Lol. I do have a few ideas I’m going to try out first before I decide whether or not to create and sell them on Etsy. I’ll play around with it and see what happens.

I hope you enjoy and that it inspired you to kreate as well. No limits.

Have a great week.


  • Silver rings are from : Staples
  • Card Stock was purchased from: Hobby Lobby
  • Page Inserts purchased from: PaperdelSol
  • Planner tabs are free printables from: My Planner Life which I printed in grayscale. She also has excellent printable sticker sets. You should definately stop and visit! It’s one of my favorite blog stops.




Rain, Rain

We had some good rain this weekend. I don’t mind the rain because living in Texas, we should could use it for when our scorching hot days hit. It also lets my creative mind sneak out sometimes, gives me time to brainstorm.

I’m not one to decorate the “Monthly” section of my planner. I usually just write upcoming events in that section. I decided to do something different for April beings I decorate all my other pages and not that one.

Since it’s the month of “Easter” I decided I wanted to change the dates so I created a freebie date cover for you.


I created the date covers for you to have a choice, the basic number, Easter basket or a Cross.


This file is a downloadable PDF. Just print and cut or import to your cutting program and print/cut on your machine.


You can download the PDF file here.



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… there just doesn’t seem to be enough motivation or creativity in me to do what I hope to do. Then in one day it hits me and I can’t get my creations popped out quick enough. This happens quite a bit for me so I have to take notes on the items I didn’t get to complete and save those for the days I have no creativity around.

I’ve created a couple of new planner printables that are available in my ETSY shop.

Vintage Florals Planner Stickers for both Big & Classic Happy Planners.


The “Wine & Dine” planner printable was created to fit the Big Happy Planner but can be resized to about 83% to fit the Classic Happy Planner.

Wine & Dine Preview

And for those Artistic people who create Artist Trading Cards, there’s a new item for you as well. Grey Chevron Labels. Kept simple & to the point.


The can all be found in my Etsy shop: Live.Learn.Kreate.

So, as I tried to find new inspiration by browsing the web, looking through magazines & what-not, I kept seeing all these cute ‘free’ cellphone wallpapers. I thought to myself, I have a lot of random spaces in my planner where I didn’t have anything wonderful to write in that space so I decided to create a few ‘random’ space fillers. I found a few FREE wallpapers and turned those into “Fillers” for you planners. FREE to you! 🙂


Download JPG file here – Download PDF file here

Have a GREAT & Productively FUN Weekend.




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Lovin’ Pastels

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up tomorrow, Easter is not too far behind. It’s a time for all of us to remember our Lord and Savior. I love the pastel colors that are associated with Easter as well. I’ve created two sizes of Easter printable for your Happy Planners. I hope you enjoy them. Have a safe yet fun St Patty’s Day.

CHP Easter PreviewBHP Easter Preview

Both of these Easter Sticker Printable can be purchased @ Live.Learn.Kreate.

If you still need Saint Patrick’s Day stickers, I have two freebies available as well.

BIG Happy Planner Stickers can be found HERE and Classic Happy Planner Stickers can be found Here.



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A Sticker for Everything

There is always something that constitutes a plan. As planners, we look for all those avenues for planning. Household chores are no exception. As I did my daily rounds through the house, cleaning, straightening up and what-not, I did notice I change my wax burners at least once a week and then run out of those tart cubes. I decided, “I need reminders!” And so they are here. Those reminders to change your wax or buy more.


I tend to forget how long it’s been since I’ve changed out my burners even though I’m pretty sure it’s at least once a week, so I create a reminder to mark those days. I ran out of wax so I’ll be ordering more before my last ones run out.


Feel free to download these reminders to use for your personal planners. The ZIP file does include the JPG, PDF and SIL files for quick printing and cutting. These will fit almost all size planners.

You can download the ZIP file: HERE.